So you want to be a model   What model are you though?

Tim Donkin - Chic Management Brisbane

Tim Donkin - Chic Management Brisbane

Fashion Editorial

As well as a photographer, I am also a model scout. I am always looking for new faces.  I have been very lucky to work with Queensland's most prestigious model agency Chic Management Brisbane . 

Some of the Men I have found have gone on to work with Chic Sydney and Chadwick Models, the biggest agencies in Australia

Models like Ryan Burke, has been on the cover of DNA, AXN, Cove Magazine and Mens Fitness Australia and Gemany.  While the like of Jay Darko, Tim Donkin have been in numerous commercials that Include Dickies, Peter Alexander, Subway and Queensland Tourism

I am alway seeking out Fashion models for placements with top agencies. I specialise in men. but i equally look for the right girl too.  Message me here if you have what it takes! 


BOYS: 18 to 22 years old  minimum height 180cms / 5'11"

GIRLS:  16 to 18 years old

Minimum Height 176cms / 5'8"

Size 8/10,  No tattoos,

Ayrton - Marcuse Official Season Campaign

Ayrton - Marcuse Official Season Campaign

Mens Fitness and Swimwear

The other part of my model search is the guys with AMAZING bodies, for clients like Marcuse, Bloke Undees, DNA Magazine, 2Wink and Teamm8 (thats just the tip of the iceberg) 

For these jobs.. you must have an amazing body, and sex appeal.. from lean fit to full in shape bodybuilders I have clients looking for all types!

if your are interested in this modelling work you need to send me some basic photos so i can see your current build.

I need snaps.. no professional photos. and no photos older than 1 month

I will consider anyone in reasonable shape, but majority of my clients want fit and in the 18 to 30 year age bracket.

I do also shoot personal projects like Harrison Harbour (book) where i am more open to any age group

You can apply for this via my personal Facebook page


You must be over 18 years of age, no exceptions,  Not shy and able to shoot in gym clothes to small cut swimwear brands

Tatttoos Acceptable, but can be a deciding factor