Frequently asked questions..

Q; I want to hire you, but do you shoot for small brand or new brands?  You seem to do a lot of bigger named products!

A:  I shoot for all types and levels of businesses, so if your a start out brand, or a brand that appears in David Jones, I can shoot for you.  I will tailor a costing to your project and budget where possible


Q:  What work do you do? 

A:  Check out my website it gives you a good indication, if you want family shots or baby photos, I will recommend someone to do that for you


Q:  Do you only shoot men?

A:  No.. I shoot men and women, from fashion to corporate portraits. I'm known for my mens photography work, but its not the only thing I do.


Q:  Can i get a glamour shoot done?  (womens)

A:  Only a paid shoot, I don't test girls for glamour shots!


Q:  Can i get a personal portfolio shot?

A:  You can.. i will quote you a price dependant on what you want and where etc.


Q:  I want to model in some of the campaigns you shoot, How can I do that?

A:  i need clear photos of you.. in swimwear, no poses, no heavy lighting.. just simple clear snaps like the one below.  i need these to be current, not 2 months ago.. If your looking to be cast in a job. then I must see how you look NOW..

Q:  Can we do a TFP (time for print)?

A:  Its possible yes, because I test shoot any model I could potentially use for a clients job.  Unless your a professional (and I mean professional, not self claimed fitness model on Facebook) then you don't need to, as you should have a folio already


Q:  Why do you wan a snap shot.. i have a folio of shots from other photographers?

A:  Because your folio of work could be and 95% of the time, totally photoshopped so i need to see how you look in reality, not how you look after photoshop!


Q:  Whats a test shoot?  Why do you do them?

A:  A test shoot is a short informal location shoot ( or studio ) so i can work out how you go in front of the camera!.  you might be a natural, you might need training you could also be a train wreck.. I need to know for myself,  not just what another photographer thinks of your abilities!


Q:  Do i get shots from the test shoot!

A:  Yes!


Q:  I'm coming for a shoot.. can i bring my girlfriend/boyfriend?  The will sit quietly in the corner!

A:  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  you're and adult!!  I have had times in the past when I have allowed girls to come watch, and they giggle or distract the model. or complain about being bored, and even told me that they don't want their BF/GF wearing that product or doing that pose. its very very annoying.. so NO.. unless your under 18 and coming for a test shoot or model shoot to join an agency, then you must bring a guardian / parent


Q:  I want to join an agency  can you help me?

A:  Yes I will help  you if you meet the needs of the agency.  So if you want to join a casting agency then yes i do have a rate to shoot your casting photos  If you want to join a modelling agency, and you want my help to get into one.. I will help you if you are what they are looking for.  if you don't make the grade, I will tell you, and so you won't waste your time or get your hopes up.


Q:  Well how do you know what the agencies are looking for.. what makes you the expert??

A:  I am very closely associated with Dallys Models in Brisbane, who's sister agencies are Chic and Chadwicks in Sydney.  I have put forward several guys that i have discovered and have been signed to one of these agencies.   I am also the mens photographer and test shoot photographer for Dallys, as well as their model school photographer, and casting agency photographer.  So I know what they are after!


Q:  Can I get advice about my folio or working in the industry?

A:  Yes my advice is free, but don't think ill sugar coat it for you. I'll tell you the absolute truth based on the trends and needs of agencies at the time!


Q:  How do I know your a legitimate photographer, and not just in it to shoot people for fun?

A: Have a look at my published page, and my clients list page!


If you have any other questions please contact me via the contact page!