The Shirt and Tie don't 'match' the suit

So  your shirt and tie don't have to match your suit.. for example you buy a Navy Suit. don't go looking for a blue tie the same colour!  unless you want to look like a waiter who's black suit was at the cleaners!

Your shirt an tie should be a winning combination that complement a suit.  For example, if you were to buy a Navy Blue suit, you can wear. a purple shirt that compliments the suit with a tie made for that same combination.  You can alway marry the whole look together with a pocket square.... if your not sure what a pockets square is.. look at the picture below.. (hint.. its in the pocket)   there are many colour combinations you can put with different coloured suits. Except one.. Dark navy ties do no go with Black Suits... PERIOD!

A good suit is all about the fit.. and not about how tight you can get it!

So, a good suit does not just come off the rack and fit you like it was made for you without any alterations.   The only people who can get away with this are Models, and I'm talking proper runway models that do the catwalks in Milan etc.

90 percent of guys that need a suit, will have some sort of adjustment,  wether its the sleeve or trouser length, the tapering of the back panel, or to let in or take out the waistband, most guys will need some sort of alteration.

But while your out shopping with your girl ( and I'm sorry as much as you love your girlfriend/wife or significant other.  don't take them shopping for a suit.. they don't wear a suit.. just like you don't wear a bra, but do you give them advice about their bra fittings!.. really.. its one thing to say your tits look hot.. but its another to see if they actually fit her properly)  ANYWAY BACK ON TRACK…   When your out shopping for that new suit.. what do you need to look for  when trying on a suit?  Well there are many things, but the one thing I'll focus on here, is the sleeve length… YES the sleeve length matters ALOT.!

If your sleeve length looks like this.. you need to see a tailor! asap!

If your sleeve length looks like this.. you need to see a tailor! asap!

What do you think about this guys sleeve length… if you said its fine, you get a smack on the back of the head. and if you said its too long.. you step forward to the head of the class.   This guys suit is was to long in the sleeve.   Having a sleeve length too long says two things.  1. you didn't give 2 shits about making fit  and 2. it makes the suit look like your wearing a size to big.  

A suit sleeve length can vary.. but the main rule of thumb is to show just a peek of the shirt cuff coming out of the bottom of the sleeve.  Any good tailor can alter a sleeve length from as little as $35.00 dollars!  the Below image is a good example of where your sleeve length should be 


Good tailoring can make any suit look like it was made specifically for you.. 

Good tailoring can make any suit look like it was made specifically for you.. 

Polyester Suits.. you may as well wear a plastic bag!

Polyester "lounge" suits… there is so much wrong with this jacket.. to start with its polyester.. if you wanted to sauna, you would go to a sauna or wear a polyester fabric suit… also the lapel, its so far of his chest you could drive a bus in there.. and why is it so curved away from his chest.. cause its made of polyester!… if you want to look amazing in a suit.. wear a 100 percent wool suit.. and soon ill talk about wool grading!…but for now what do you think is right or wrong with this jacket!

Ps I didn't take this photo!

Ps I didn't take this photo!

Where to start with a suit

So your getting married and you need a suit.  Sure lets go and rent one!  and lets get a black Hugo Boss from the hire store!….. WRONG!!! WRONG!! TOTALLY WRONG!!!

Firstly your local Spurling or Anna Marie and Mr John, won't hire out  Hugo Boss and Armani suits.. they have their own brand.. and whilst renting a suit might be fine for some.. its not right for the guys who gives a shit about his wedding day.

Where do you start?.. well  you start with a few questions.. When and where is the wedding being held?  what time of the day is it?  are you in a church or out on the beach?  Because wearing a black suit is NOT right for any occasion.  In fact, black suits are the most limiting suit you could possibly wear…  could you imagine wearing a black suit on a beach at 1pm at a wedding.. you will sweat your ass off like a miner down  a mineshaft in the aussie outback.

Also.. consider your features.. are you dark skinned.. blonde, or a redhead..  your completions and hair colour can play a vital part when choosing the right colour for your suit… and guys seriously.. she might be the bride or bridezilla.. but she's going to wear the right dress for her no matter what you think.. so you should wear a suit that makes you look just as good.. not what she thinks is good!.

And then theres suit quality…"yeah lets get suits from YD for 199 bucks"… sure if you want to look like a chump in a polyester suit from 1990 …  Trust me boys, cheapest is never the best!  there is something to be said for the saying "You get what you pay for" and believe me. 199 dollar polyester suits, look like 199 dollars! 

There is a lot to find out when it comes to suits. and you can hit me up on the contact page of my site to ask me anything you like!