Where to start with a suit

So your getting married and you need a suit.  Sure lets go and rent one!  and lets get a black Hugo Boss from the hire store!….. WRONG!!! WRONG!! TOTALLY WRONG!!!

Firstly your local Spurling or Anna Marie and Mr John, won't hire out  Hugo Boss and Armani suits.. they have their own brand.. and whilst renting a suit might be fine for some.. its not right for the guys who gives a shit about his wedding day.

Where do you start?.. well  you start with a few questions.. When and where is the wedding being held?  what time of the day is it?  are you in a church or out on the beach?  Because wearing a black suit is NOT right for any occasion.  In fact, black suits are the most limiting suit you could possibly wear…  could you imagine wearing a black suit on a beach at 1pm at a wedding.. you will sweat your ass off like a miner down  a mineshaft in the aussie outback.

Also.. consider your features.. are you dark skinned.. blonde, or a redhead..  your completions and hair colour can play a vital part when choosing the right colour for your suit… and guys seriously.. she might be the bride or bridezilla.. but she's going to wear the right dress for her no matter what you think.. so you should wear a suit that makes you look just as good.. not what she thinks is good!.

And then theres suit quality…"yeah lets get suits from YD for 199 bucks"… sure if you want to look like a chump in a polyester suit from 1990 …  Trust me boys, cheapest is never the best!  there is something to be said for the saying "You get what you pay for" and believe me. 199 dollar polyester suits, look like 199 dollars! 

There is a lot to find out when it comes to suits. and you can hit me up on the contact page of my site to ask me anything you like!